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Airfix Sabre Mk.4 in 1/72 scale

July 2, 2013 in Aviation

This is the first 1/72 scale model I’ve made since around 1990! I think Airfix are to be congratulated on producing such a fine kit. Our local IPMS club decided to do a ‘Group Build’ & we chose this scale & kit so as to keep the costs relatively low & participation high.. To our surprise (once we had shown the kit) we had 20 starters, 17 of whom actually completed their models in time. Construction was strictly OOB, with only seat belts allowed although after market decals were acceptable so the models wouldn’t all look the same. Just to add to the interest factor, mounting on a pole was OK too & several members opted for this. The pics are my effort which I enjoyed very much. Nice & simple, Good fit. Sharp, clear transparencies & quite fine detail.
Hope you like it.

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6 responses to Airfix Sabre Mk.4 in 1/72 scale

  1. Great little Sabre Tony! I have the Airfix USAF version in the to do bundle, Yet another great Airfix kit…:)

  2. Tony,
    Great job. I like your photo work also.

  3. That’s a nice surprising little kit. Very nice translation from kit to model, too.

  4. sweet build…nice panel lines

  5. Hard to believe it’s 1/72, I like your photos’ background too.

  6. Great looking build. Guess I’m going to have to give mine a go. Makes me wonder why Airfix can produce kits this quality level for a reasonable price & the so-called big boys can’t or won’t.

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