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Douglas F4D-1, Skyray, VF-141 during 1957

July 26, 2013 in Aviation

F4D-1’s of VF-141 “Iron Angels” were aboard USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31 during the time I was aboard in 1957-58. They came aboard in June for a West Pac cruise. This was the first deployment of a West coast squadron equipped with F4D-1’s. During this time the squadron was commanded by Commander D.C.Klahn. This particular scheme was not in use at the time I was aboard. It was used for a short period of time toward the end of 1958 when VF-141 was assigned to Carrier Air Group 14.

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15 responses to Douglas F4D-1, Skyray, VF-141 during 1957

  1. Outstanding Ford Frank!

  2. Nice work, Frank….I like it.

  3. Frank……cool Scooter. Nice to see some of the older jets for a change.

  4. Terrific work, Frank! I love the ‘Ford’, and you certainly did this kit justice. I have two Tamiya Skyrays, and plan on finishing one in the markings of VF-13 from their 1962 deployment aboard Shangri La.

  5. Nice!!! very well done, Tamiye make some fine kits, but still needs skill to create a finish like that.

  6. Gee Frank, what a sweet job. And the photos are well done too!

  7. Very crisp build and paint work, Frank. Excellent work all ’round. I grew up on NAS North Island and often miss the gull gray & white scheme with all those colorful squadron markings.

  8. Reading the posts above there is nothing left for me to say……
    (great job!)

  9. Thank you all for the very nice comments. Much appreciated.

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