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Remembering General Robert Scott

July 24, 2013 in Aviation

Several years ago I stopped at the Warner Robbins Museum in Georgia and had the opportunity to meet General Robert Scott. I had read his book God Is My Co-Pilot while in my teens and this was a very special moment for me. Of all the models I have built over the years, I really enjoyed this one having met it’s famous pilot. This i the only model I have used the pre-shading method on.

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9 responses to Remembering General Robert Scott

  1. Jack,
    I can’t tell you how envious I am of you that you met General Scott. “Go is My Co-Pilot” was absolutely the thing that convinced me how much I loved aviation. You did an outstanding job on “Old Exterminator”. What kit is this? I have the 1/48 and 1/32 P-40 on my list to do as Scott’s airplane. Your model makes me want to strive to do a job as well as you have done here.
    FYI, during the 60′ s, Scott was in favor of a military overthrow of the government to retrain some semblance of control during those decisive years. I think I have that article in my files someplace.
    Outstanding, I love it.

  2. Great work! I have 4 P-40 and a Hawk 75 just waiting to be put together. Kind of envious of you getting the chance to meet the “guy” (more like the “LEGEND”) behind the model!
    One last thing, post some pictures of your work behind the end result. Nice looking work!

  3. Exceptional rendition of this aircraft. I am also curious what kit this is.

  4. Al…..Sorry, I have a lot of trouble trying to remember the name of kits I use, but I suspect it was the 48th scale Hasegawa offering.

  5. love old exterminator jack and neat story

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