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verlinden 120mm Navy-Marine pilot

20 responses to verlinden 120mm Navy-Marine pilot

  1. A fine job, Bob….wish I could do as well. Nice pics, too.

  2. Nice! Makes me want to paint mine!

  3. Bob,
    This is great, I love it. Painting figures is an art and you have it down pat. I can’t say enough good things about this. And its a Marine also.

  4. Great figure Bob with excellent painting. Do you use oil paints for the hands and face?

    • i paint the whole figure black enamel then drybrush the whole thing with white oil…then i build the colors in transparent layers till i’m happy…first airbrush then just brush…even the face…after a couple transparent layers i paint in the eyes and eyebrows then after that dries i run transparent flesh enamel right over everything…sounds crazy but it works …each transparent layer tidies everything up and what’s underneath comes back out…that’s just one way

  5. You are a braver man than me Charlie Brown. Never have attempted a figure. At my age it would take me a long time to get to the level you are at. What paint did you use.
    Great job.

  6. The pilot dissatisfied with something))) Great painting!
    You could just darken the glasses (Smoke of Tamiya), or make glass from transparent plastic – the scale allows.

    • maxim…some of them had clear lens’…but amber would look kind of nice…i did use a clear gloss future floor polish and aqua gloss…maybe a drop of epoxy is in order…i don’t have to tell you your probably the finest modeler on this site

  7. Fine shading on this figure, very good finish. Who is he pointing the gun at?

  8. Where do you get these?

  9. Nice Work Bob, very nice and I like the figure too. It looks to be better sculpted than most Verlinden figures.

  10. Very realistic finish, I stink at painting figures, you got the “touch”….

  11. thank you mike…talk about the touch…you are a fantastic modeler and of esoteric subjects to boot

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