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1/144th F-4 Phantom

Two things I rarely (if ever) do….1) 1/144th scale and 2) brush paint a model. On a whim, I recently ordered this little Academy kit when stocking up on some paints, adhesives, etc.
This was a one-day build – as is most probably evident – but it was a fun little “break” from the usual fare. I included the .223 round only to provide some perspective. And I used the Canon to take the pics (the Nikon doesn’t take close-ups quite so well). I probably could have added some extra detail(s) here and there, but then it would’ve become another “model” rather than what it is – a toy to pass some time.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to 1/144th F-4 Phantom

  1. You’ll go blind if you keep doing that…

  2. you use that Wolf junk? Ewwwwww. BTW cute model. I’m sitting on several Japanese 1/44’s I gotta get to sometime.

  3. Impressive work on something so tiny!

  4. Aren’t you the one who says he can’t see anything this small. You need some figures to go with it.
    Well done.

  5. Craig,

    Nice job, Be careful though. building tiny models is sometimes harder than building larger ones and it puts you closer to “The Home”

  6. So, one a week in 1/48, one a day for 1/144, how long for 1/72? Great job by the way, Craig.

  7. I like the model but I hope that isn’t the Tula ammo D:

  8. Nice paint job, I avoid any type of “brush” paintings, there’s nothing wrong with a one day “fun” build.

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