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1/350 Graf Spee by Academy

August 28, 2013 in Ships

This is one of my earliest big ships and it was a joy to build. Despite Academy’s heavy handed molding of the finer details, I found the model to be very satisfying. I was able to replace most of them with extra/alternate parts from the Dragon Scharnhorst. I also used KA Model wood deck and PE set.

The ship is painted in what was supposedly Captain Ludensdorf’s preferred scheme based in beiges and greens. .The catapult is a clear focal point. I later added a Dragon Arado 196 to it.

This set me off on a whole fleet of big vessels. I can recommend it to anyone considering a start in 1/350 scale.

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15 responses to 1/350 Graf Spee by Academy

  1. Very nice build on that behemoth….where on earth do display an armada of 1/350th scale ships…? And is that an WIP Italeri C-119 over there on the shelf (don’t see many of them built).

  2. Display — I bought a glass display case for the ships to keep the dust off. It will soon be full though with 30+ finished or under way.

  3. Keep up the great work, Mike. Another beauty !

  4. There’s a lot of work gone into that, Mike, and it looks great.

  5. Outstanding! I have that kit as their “Premium” edition, might start it soon.
    Your build is very impressive and inspiring! My brother always asks me were Ill put my ships and I just tell him they are very thin! Think baseball bat size.
    Lots of bats next to each other.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments. Ships do seem to be a lot more work, with a host of intricate sub-assemblies and multiple faces to paint the camo. The end result their is very satisfying.

  7. beautiful build, I’m just about to start it, or should I start the akagi???

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