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1/48 Monogram Harrier

August 29, 2013 in Aviation

Yes, we do jets too ! An aftermarket set of decals and a lttle different.paint job, and a very basic kit, made for an interesting addition to my Harrier collection.

1 additional image.

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4 responses to 1/48 Monogram Harrier

  1. Where was this scheme used? It is strikingly different for a Harrier.

  2. It’s a nice looking version of a great aircraft, Have you changed the colour of your background, this looks much better? I remember a Harrier doing a demonstration at the F! Grand Prix at Brands Hatch a number of years ago, it blew away all the marquees and tents of the sponsors!

  3. very nice joe…i’m also curious about the scheme

  4. Joe,
    You did a very nice job on this. Looks good.

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