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1/48 scale Ju-87 Stuka by Hasegawa

August 30, 2013 in Aviation

The Ju-87 will forever be linked with the Blitzkrieg campaigns of WWII. It supported the armored spearheads of the Wehrmacht with deadly accuracy — becoming known as Flying Artillery. The whistles on the landing gear pants lent a terrifying howl to the dive and succeeding explosions of a Stuka attack. Her vulnerabilities were finally unmasked in the Battle of Britain, where RAF pilots ran up victory totals at the expense of the hapless dive bombers.

This model is in Mediterranean camo in 1943 flying out of Sicily. What makes this unique is that the camo was Brown / Sand from the get go. Other squadrons were transferred into the Med in European camo which was over-painted, often showing green thru the brown mottling.

This kit is one of the finest shake and bake kits in my collection. Aside from PE seat belts, it is strictly out of the box. It was a pleasure to build and a joy to display.

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2 responses to 1/48 scale Ju-87 Stuka by Hasegawa

  1. Michael stunning stuka great job

  2. Michael,
    I could not agree with you more. I did one of these in the same scheme a while ago and it is a great kit. You model is very nice.

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