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1/48th Eduard “Weekend Edition” F6F-3 Hellcat

August 5, 2013 in Aviation

The “Weekend Edition” of the Eduard 1/48th F6F-3 Hellcat was just that – a weekend. Well….maybe a ‘long’ weekend (let’s face it; when you’re retired, every day qualifies as part of a weekend).
The markings were from the spares box and of my own doing (it probably represents NO actual aircraft).
Anyhow, there ya have it. Another addition to the shelf. All comments welcome.

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16 responses to 1/48th Eduard “Weekend Edition” F6F-3 Hellcat

  1. Another good one. I’m hoping to join you in those never ending weekends at the end of this year.

    • You’re probably not going to believe this, but ya know what the strangest thing is you’re gonna find out when you actually DO retire….? Trying to remember what day of the week it is – honest!
      (Oh….the ‘big’ paper is in the driveway – it must be Sunday)

  2. Nice work, Craig! Seeing your build makes me want to dig my Eduard Hellcat out of the stash!

    • retirement sucks…your a useless eater on the planet..craig this is just weird…what are you thinking

      • SWMBO has a whole other definition of “useless” – ask me how I know. 🙁

      • Bob,Although I’m a long, long way off retirement I am aware of the danger of sinking into apathy and eventualy depression, just because you are no longer part of the paid workforce doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to your local community in some way, retirement can be a whole new chapter in your life !

        • that’s right neil…i’d like to work but nobody wants you at 61…not sure any age…but i’m sure if i put up my hand to volunteer for something i’d have a lot of takers

          • Bob ,I’m glad you took my comment in the spirit it was intended, maybe you could help out at your local animal shelter, whatever you do stay positive.

  3. Man, I wish I could finish mine. Then I wish I could finish it as well as yours. Good job.

  4. I like it Craig. Another great looking model! As for retirement; as a teacher, I get a little taste of it every summer…then, they drag me back to school, lol. But, after 3 more years, the “endless weekend” will be mine too. I can hardly wait!

  5. nice Craig as usual a nice build I like it

  6. Craig
    Nice clean build as always.
    You are so correct, I’m always forgetting what day of the week it is. Another unfortunate “retirement side effect” is putting off things until “tomorrow”. You’ll find that being off the work rolls there is no rush to complete anything..except models of course….. I love retirement.

  7. Nice looking plane, Craig, all your models look good, and this no exception. I’m looking forward to receiving the Eduard Hellcat kit, and yours will be inspiration. As for retirement, you seem to keep yourself busy, which must be the secret. I’m 63, and still working as a teacher here in China, although it’s not really full time, so it gives me ample time off, kind of getting ready for retirement.

  8. Craig .. AWESOME paint job and details. does it need a “star” on the underneath of the wing ? my complimemts on a REALLY good build !!!

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