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1/48th Oscar

August 6, 2013 in Aviation

This was my first attempt at the all-to-common “paint chipping” effect as seen on many Japanese aircraft of WWII. I didn’t want to go ‘overboard’ (as I’ve seen on many builds). I first sprayed the airframe with metallic silver and then the base coat of green (I forget at the moment which green…I think it was Testor’s ‘Medium Green’.
I then used a low-tack tape (3M blue) and simply touched a few places and pulled up the top color. Although I’ve seen many ways to do the paint-chipping thing, this seemed the easiest way to achieve the desired effect. Upon reflection, I suppose I should’ve done the same thing on the decals, but didn’t wanna pull up the whole thing (and probably would have).

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9 responses to 1/48th Oscar

  1. Nicely done. There are times when the easy approach gives the good results. This is one.

  2. Simple and effective, and just the right end effect. I have tried this technique one but it takes some courage to do… In any case, I myself wouldn’t dare to try the same on decals, either. You could probably brush-on some additional chipping on the decals – not that it seems to be necessary on this model.

  3. Craig OUTSTANDING too many people over due this effect you have nailed it. for the decals what I do is while there still wet I just hold down one corner and with a new #11 blade break off a small piece of decal than scratch the surface underneath to reveal the silver you don’t really need it though this is great don’t change a thing im just sharing a technique for a future model if you wish to try it

  4. a chipping job even mario could accept

  5. Craig,
    I really like what you have done here and I agree that you accomplished what you wanted in a very subtle way. Nice work.

  6. At some point all paint work and aircraft are new, and slight wear just indicates little use. The Japanese did have a horrid paint system, however.

  7. Great work as always, Craig. I’m really missing British chips here (they are what you guys call fries!).

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