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1/72 Revell F-111 (prototype)

August 30, 2013 in Aviation

While the others were old, this one is ancient. Some of you will remember Revell’s “frameable box art” series. This was one of those. Accurate or not , how often do you get to do a Navy “Vaark”, especially one with moveable wings ! Not a bad model for it’s age, but the decals remind me of me. Don’t expect today’s details. Not even close. You may still find one at the vendors at bargain basement prices..

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5 responses to 1/72 Revell F-111 (prototype)

  1. I have one of these kits. maybe I’ll build it because of your inspirational pictures!

  2. I remember that one! I think you got a long nose in the kit to build the Air Force version, also.

  3. short nose really threw me off-looks strange.

  4. Joe,
    You did wonders with this old kit. It looks great.

  5. Revell always seemed to choose very “commercial” models, I seem to remember they released a kit of the 747 with space shuttle……….

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