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1/72nd Tamiya “Vosper” Fast Patrol Boat

Every once in a while, I’ll get a “wild hair” and (if something catches my eye), build a ‘floaty thing’. I’ve got an armada of a half-dozen of ’em now and this one looked pretty neat when I spotted it.
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and discovered about 5 or 6 different colored sprues – even the red hull was already molded in. This is about as close to actually “out of the box” as I’ve ever done. There’s only a couple of things I actually painted (although there probably should’ve been a lot more) and only slight ‘weathering’ was applied. There is, of course, supposed to be “railings” – thread strung along all those stanchions, along with some additional ‘rigging’, but I’m quittin’ while I’m [somewhat] ahead. 🙁
It’s pretty good sized for the scale….about 15″ inches long or so. Everything fit pretty well (after all, it IS a Tamiya kit) with the only minor glitch being the long one-piece deck was slightly warped and didn’t wanna sit exactly right on the long one-piece hull (super glue and a couple clamps fixed that).
I’m as happy as one can be, given my limited patience and talent(s) – it looks good in the case with all the others. As long as someone doesn’t wanna inspect it real close, I’m done.

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12 responses to 1/72nd Tamiya “Vosper” Fast Patrol Boat

  1. Looks pretty good from here Craig. Gotta say I’m not familiar with this kit. I thought Airfix?? was the only one out there.

  2. beautiful job…great looking model

  3. Craig,
    Very, very nice. Good looking and very well done model.

  4. Craig….. I have owned that kit TWICE and still haven’t gotten to it. Yours looks really good and now I really want to build it.

  5. i really like this model Craig. What is the color on the ‘aft’ area? [that’s about all the Naval terminology I have].

  6. Nice, I love fast attack boats. PT’s, S Boats the like.
    I don’t know much about the newer ones like this what are the large holes for across the back? Might have to pick that kit up after my S boat is finished.
    Looks good

  7. As always Craig, a nice job! It’s always “fun” to build something you don’t build as a rule.

    I built this kit in 1972, it’s a “moldy oldie” nowadays, but the kit is still an excellent model.

  8. Good looking model, Craig. I lived in Southampton for quite a while, where they built these. I know of at least one that has been converted into a houseboat!

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