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Display methods…(added pics)

I have been contemplating new ways to display some of my builds in an innovative and creative manner. These photos are from various venues, including the Nats and local shows. I was struck by their “free-thinking” approach to their entries and was hoping to draw some inspiration from their ideas. I think you’ll find them as equally impressive as I did and perhaps give you a new and fresh avenue to explore with your next project.

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Display methods…(added pics)

  1. That 104 with the blurred strip numbers really gives the illusion of speed, neat!

  2. Some great ideas there Craig, I like the Panther I think? and the blurred runway with the 104 looks fast!!

  3. I heard something about IPMS having an “in flight” category, but am not sure if it is already in effect. They claim an aircraft looks better in it’s “natural habitat”, and therefore “in flight” holds a slight advantage over “grounded”, in a contest. Can anyone confirm this?

  4. yeah, what they said.

  5. I also really like planes on stands, thanks to Craig for the selection of models. If you do not mind, we’ll post photos from their archives.

  6. some fabulous work there

  7. Craig…Nice examples of creative displays.

  8. I have mentioned it here before, that I will not put a model on the table without a base to go under it. Something…from a simple piece of wood to a flight line with equipment, but something. It adds interest, it adds scale, it can put the object in a setting, it also separates it from the other kits. Some you the examples you posted are highly creative and very cool, but even those that have been done many times make a big impact on presenting the model. Thanks for a nice post and some really neat ideas for displaying a model.

  9. Nice. Good idea.

  10. Some brilliant ideas here! The 3d schematic is particularly eye catching!

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