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Flak 88

August 4, 2013 in Armor

Here is the nemesis of a lot of the aircraft posted here.
It is an original release Bandai 1/48th scale kit that came with figures & transport carriage (not shown).
These were exceptional kits for their day. There was a whole series of different German armor pieces.
Some have been re-released through the years but not always with figures.
My build first started in Afrika Corp camo colors but after looking at it one day I decided figures in European uniforms didn’t make sense so it was repainted panzer gray.
The base is a butter dish with putty smeared on it. All pieces seen came in the kit.
The last shot shows the lid for the butter dish, I think it could stand a coat of Future.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to Flak 88

  1. Nicely done and photographed, Al, it looks as though you have Afrika Corps weather!

  2. Al,
    Very nice. Great job. I wish they still had some of that 1/48 stuff that Bandai did.

  3. Yep…what they said – I like it.

  4. Very in scale. You can almost smell the cordite.

  5. I have that kit, you did a good job on it. I started mine and then had to move and when I got there found pieces missing. I like your little vignette you have there, always nice to give a piece a little setting.

  6. Thanks to all for the compliments

  7. Looking good Al. always nice to see some figures used. I remember years ago getting the Tamiya 1/35th scale kit of it. May get again some when with maybe the tractor that pulled it.

  8. Man I can’t count how many Bandai kits I built as a kid. I could not afford 1/35 Tamiya ones, and these Bandai ones were great. Great build and thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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