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Foreign Hurricane

August 28, 2013 in Aviation

This is a recent club challenge build of a Pegasus snap-together kit in 1/48th scale. I am surprised that a $10 kit designed for beginners would have wheel well and cockpit detail — chunky, yes, but respectable nonetheless. I decided to paint mine in a rather unique Italian desert scheme. This Hawker Hurricane was designed in England, licence built in Yugoslavia, captured by Germany, transferred to Italy, and then finally returned to Yugoslavia at the end of the war!

I did replace the landing gear with a set of Hasegawa from the parts box, but it is otherwise out-of-the-box

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10 responses to Foreign Hurricane

  1. Different but nice, That must of been fun painting it.

  2. gorgeous delicate painting

  3. Michael,
    Nicely done and a very unique scheme.

  4. I agree that for Ten bucks this kit ain’t bad …but if you look closely it would seem that the kit was patterned after information taken from the Hasegawa and Airfix kits. It looks as if someone combined and simplified the best elements of both kits to make this one.

  5. I noticed the similarity to the Hasegawa kit, but I don’t have the Airfix kit. Seems many companies use other kits for reference. I remember doing a review of the Kinetic F-84 and noted how exacting the similitude with the Monogram kit.

  6. The camo works-need to squint to see the Hurri…

  7. It’s cool, that must be the Italian influence.

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