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“Nine-O-Nine” walk-around

August 12, 2013 in Aviation

The Collings Foundation brings its’ birds in here (actually, New Smyrna – 5 mi. south) every winter for their annual “check-up”. As long as I promise not to touch anything or ask any stupid questions, they pretty much lemme roam around a take pics while there’s no one else around [read: in the way]. The B-24 “Witchcraft”, their B-25 “Tondelayo” and a P-51B/C can also be found during the same time. There’s also a restoration outfit hangared there and one never knows what they’ll find at any given time. Skyraider, Corsair, Nanchang, A-36…..the list goes on. Just thought I’d share the images. Enjoy.

21 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to “Nine-O-Nine” walk-around

  1. Nice shots, Craig. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good shots! Got to see this B-17 and the B-24 “Witchcraft” a few years ago when they came though here.

    If anyone is interested, here are some photos I took of the B-17 “Texas Raiders” a while back when she was in for heavy maintenance:

  3. Fantastic photos Craig, thanks for sharing them. Great internal shots too, which show its been fully restored to original specs. You’re a lucky man getting onboard a B-17.

  4. you are a first class photographer to pull this off on an overcast day

  5. Craig,
    I recently had the thrill of getting a ride on this airplane. During which we all got to move around to all the crew positions ( except the pilot and co-pilot seats, they thought it best that they stay put) I could not get over how cramped it was. I find it hard to believe that the crews could move about with the heavy flight gear. But then again, at that time they were very young, did not know anything different, and it was a top of the line bomber. Believe me, I did not pull myself into it like Gregory Peck did in “12 o’clock High” It was an amazing ride.

  6. Great photos of a famous bomber. I know this is not the real 909 it would have been nice to have seen the real one. I plan soon to do another Monogram kit of this plane.

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