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Spoiling the Wing party with a ground pounder….

August 10, 2013 in Armor

Tamiya’s rehash of the 1/35 CMK Panzer 35 (t). This is a nice’n easy build for thems of you that would like to try an armor kit. Tamiya put in a new track sprue and guns, even so I used a Lion Marc barrel, it’s got the tiny holes in the muzzle brake for the best look. It helped that I dropped the turret whilst painting it and the kit barrel went bye-bye for good. Painted with various shades of Model Master Panzer Grey, with masked and sprayed Polish campaign crosses (aiming points). Drybrushed with light blues, and lightly dusted for that War-just started look. Once again please refrain from giggling at my figure, I have redone the eyes a dozen times, and this current look is permanent.

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11 responses to Spoiling the Wing party with a ground pounder….

  1. Good work, Bill….so the guy’s got a “lazy eye” – so what?

  2. Thank you Craig. I don’t get how these figure guys do it.

  3. Bill, nice tank and I’m with you on the figure painting…I don’t have “game” either when it comes to painting them as you will see in my next post!

  4. Nice piece of armor Bill.

  5. well dressed and ready for der Blitzkrieg.

  6. Another dirty beauty. Your shading & dusty treatment are amazing as usual BK. Nice saggy tracks too!

  7. If it can be built, it should be built.

  8. Bill,
    Sometimes it is just nice to take a break from wings and do a target. Great job.

  9. Thank you guys, glad you like rivets.

  10. A nice tank, Bill, love the finish and the tracks. Not sure about the eyes, but the uniform looks very good.

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