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Tamiya Simca….”My car please !!!”

August 31, 2013 in Armor

Still have about two hours to go adding resistance rifle and some euro dust from MIG to the car and base.

Tamiya Simca 1/35th scale, with Master Box Figures and some Tamiya German accessories, as well as Bronco Luggage set, and some Euro manufactures paintings and frames.All on a Monroe Perdue base.

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5 responses to Tamiya Simca….”My car please !!!”

  1. i think the resistance searching that german is awesome…talk about whoops

  2. Lovely little diorama, Huey, and great story. Those cars are so small it doesn’t seem possible that either of those guys could fit in it, and I don’t know what they do when it rains, they always have the sun roof open! I tried making mine with a closed roof (made from masking tape), but it meant that the interior was very dark and you couldn’t see any of the detail……………..anyway, yours is great.

  3. Nice little dio H, when I was a kid my granddad had a Simca, blue as I remember.

  4. A great little diorama, how many times had that scene happened in the last months of the war.

    Nicely done.

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