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Valiant Air Command Airshow

August 15, 2013 in Show Reports

The VAC puts on a great show every year. It’s held in Titusville near Cape Canaveral (about 55 miles south). When Last I attended, I was fortunate enough to see Col. Paul Tibbets of “Enola Gay” fame during a book signing, And no, I didn’t get one – 🙁
The #3 Army T-6 pictured is no longer. It was owned by Warbird Adventures in Kissimmee and crashed on take-off several years back with, I believe, two fatalities involved.

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5 responses to Valiant Air Command Airshow

  1. More great pictures Craig – like it! The blue & yellow P-51 is a beauty.

  2. another great batch…would love to do crazy horse but 5 or 6 thousand dollars would be hard to justify…fine photos

  3. Nice photos, Craig, but I definitely “grind my teeth” looking at them, since each and every one is a perfect example of my main complaint against warbird owners: Spend a million to get it flying and don’t spend a red cent to get it looking anywhere close to right. And it’s not like the information is something hard to get. To me, it’s like buying a Picasso and then painting on a moustache “because I like that, and besides… I own it.” (a common response from these guys when you bring the issue up with them). Fortunately, the leading lights in the movement (like The Fighter Collection) are starting to shame the tools into doing the right thing.

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