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Verlinden 48th Scale Carrier Deck Equipment

August 10, 2013 in Aviation

A few years back Verlinden Products brought out several pieces of carrier deck equipment that really got me excited. I like to display my models in their natural environment when possible. I found these to be excellent examples of equipment commonly found on carriers and fun to build as well.

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11 responses to Verlinden 48th Scale Carrier Deck Equipment

  1. Great little kits, Jack…..and a nice job on ’em as well.

  2. Good looking equipment Jack. Were the instructions the usual Verlinden ” refer to the picture on the box” ?

  3. Really nice, Jack. Some of that old equipment has ended up in boatyards I’ve been affiliated with. They run forever.

  4. AL…..I see you have been there. I ran across some good references as well as a trip aboard a carrier my son-in-law was serving on and I took lots of photos.

  5. great job jack

  6. Jack great job I have all of these kits in the stash how are they to assemble any tips?

  7. Very interesting, Jack.

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