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1/72 KP Convair XFY-1 “Pogo”

September 26, 2013 in Aviation

No floats ! Not much “landing gear”, either. Basically this was a simple little kit, with not much detail. No major fit problems, but not much to look at when you’re done. I felt that it filled an interesting void in my collection, although shelf space being what it is, I had to build a “stand” for it to lay on, which worked just as well as supporting all the weight on what gear it has. Fly Navy !

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7 responses to 1/72 KP Convair XFY-1 “Pogo”

  1. Different Joe, one of those experimental types, which were all the rage back then. Still nicely done as usual.

  2. Always one of my favorites…always wanted to detail it to the max, but somehow never got there. Yours looks good though.

  3. It’s great, Joe, did it take long to “stick” together?

  4. That’s really cool.

    Have you ever seen video of this thing flying? I’ve read that the noise it made was incredible.

  5. I love those crazy looking “X” planes! Nice job on an unusual aircraft. If you go to YouTube there are a number of films depicting this aircraft in flight…it looks like a flying pyramid.

  6. Cool! That was a period of “wide open” design ideas and that’s what made it such a grand era of aviation. Designers didn’t have a computer “telling” them it wouldn’t work so why not give it a try? That’s a neat little model, and now wouldn’t a Goblin look neat alongside it?

  7. I have hoped that someone would release a detail of this model. It deserves better than just this basic form, as it is such an unusual aircraft. Yours clearly surpasses my effort!

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