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Hey, Abrahamson, my landing gear works!….

September 16, 2013 in Aviation

Built this one, with my Dad, more than once in the dark ages, always fighting the working landing gear. Well, this one works (when will it give out? The shadow knows). Built right out of the (old) box, axles melted over to hold the wheels on, and painted the way they tell you to. I didn’t use their thread to rig it though, please don’t tell. Yep, Monogram was the Cat’s A– back in the day, if you ask me this is a great example of mold-makers art.

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12 responses to Hey, Abrahamson, my landing gear works!….

  1. Yep, and the wheels fold up on my Albatross, too ! It doesn’t matter much, as it could never leave the ground (or water) with all those raised rivets ! It was a fun time !

  2. I’ve never built the model you have there…never have taken a shine to anything with multiple wings – but that’s just me (that’s a nice-lookin’ build, though).

  3. Sadly, the huge problem is that this was done from the earlier release, the Gulfhawk II, so the wings are not F3F wings but F2F wings, about two rib spaces short on either side of the centerline. The two ways I know to fix it is to (a) have two kits and cut, saw, and glue the wings to the right span, or (b) hope that Mike West at Lone Star Models still has some of his resin correction sets.

    Yellow Wings decals has a good sheet for it once you get it fixed.

  4. that’s gorgeous…leave it be

  5. what did you use for rigging. Stretched sprue?

  6. Nice finish, I built the Gulfhawk when JFK was in office, I recall it was a fun build, landing gear and all. While Tom C is correct, your plane looks great. I’m all for accuracy, but I find that just building an old model from ‘way back “out-of -the-box” can be rewarding in it’s own right.

  7. That is one beautiful build…… REALLY AWESOME!!!!

  8. Good job, as always, Bill, your dad taught you well.

  9. Ok, is this a conspiracy to get me to go to ebay and spend $$$ Amongst you Craig and Tom??? Nice nice job, on a kit I traded away a few years back and now wish I hadn’t!

    • No no no no evilbay. Do you have any model shows near you? One can almost always find old Monograms, Revells, etc. at reasonable prices. My kid found the F3f at an antique shop for 20 bucks.

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