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Higgins PT Boat 1/72 Scratch Built

September 9, 2013 in Ships

This is a 78 ft. Higgins class PT boat used in the Mediterranean theater.I was able to locate a set of drawings showing how the boat was configured. I used an old Revell PT-109 hull cutting it down to 78 ft. and then put a new transom on it. The deck and every thing above it were scratch built except for the guns which were White Ensign kits. The cabin is made from used gift cards, the Torpedoes are made from ball point pens and the deck is a plastic sheet with the planks scratched into it.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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9 responses to Higgins PT Boat 1/72 Scratch Built

  1. Glad to have you onboard, Mark. And hats off to your scratchbuilding skills!

  2. Absolutely fantastic ! Beautiful job, Mark.

  3. That is amazing work!

    If anyone is interested, the PT-309 has been restored and is on display at the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas. There’s a virtual tour of the boat here:

  4. Outstanding craftsmanship, sir….I applaud your varied talents.

  5. Very inventive work, and a great model.

  6. Mark……Nice looking PT boat. Nice to see something a bit unusual.

  7. Mark,
    This really nice. Great job. Love PT boats.

  8. Very cool, great work. What type of paint did you use? Interested in knowing since the cards didn’t warp from getting “wet” Have to use that for some of my ships too.

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