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Lucky You!!! Found some OLD pitchers….

September 6, 2013 in Aviation

from ’05, a Hasegawa 1/48 T-Bolt I put together back in the day. This boxing featured the great post-war “braggin” scheme” of the 56th FG, and I hadda do it. Sorry about the photo quality, this was before I knew what i was doing (hold on, I STILL don’t know what I’m doing.) It’s amazing what Photo Shop “Auto Smart Fix” will do. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Hasegawa’s P-47’s as for as I’m concerned. Even their despised kit decals worked just fine.

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11 responses to Lucky You!!! Found some OLD pitchers….

  1. Nothin’ wrong with THEM…can ya still get those decals ?

    • Actually, now I recall this was the P-47M boxing, the purple/blue version, 56th FG. The decals were the alternate option. Don’t screw up like I did, use the correct fin strake (don’t tell anybody).

  2. real nice…is it braggin or war bond tour

  3. Lovely job done there Bill.

  4. That’s a really nice NMF, and I’m a little envious. In my cave , NMF stands for Not My Forte.

    • Don’t be scairt! Alclad II White Aluminum is very easy stuff to use. I spray it right out of the well-shaken bottle over VERY CLEAN plastic (alcohol wiped). Use several thin coats. A little Flat White or Black from the old Testor’s jars will darken or lighten for differing panel effects. AND it dries in 15 minutes. Masking tape will not pull Alclad off CLEAN plastic. You don’t even have to glosscoat for the decals, as Alclad is a very smooth surface. With this stuff NMF is Not Much Fuss.
      ONE caveat. When you buy a jar, remove the cap and cover the top with your finger. Tilt it over so some gets on your fingertip. Rub your fingertip and thumb together. Within 60 seconds or less the fingers should be totally fry. If they stay sticky, find another bottle, that one is no good. There was a bad batch a while ago. But I haven’t seen a bad one in two-three years now.

  5. Beautiful looking model, Bill, and nicely set off by the background.

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