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Monogram Helldiver

The copyright on the instruction sheet read “1966”. And it showed. I opted not to attempt the operating landing gear, bomb bay or folding wings version of the assemblies. This was, shall we say, crude by today’s standards, It’s one of those “good from far, but far from good” builds. But…..I did the best I could with what I had to work with. Besides, it was practically free. I got 9 old Monogram kits for like fifty bucks! The engineering, quality, fit and detail of today’s stuff got me spoiled, I guess. These kits don’t have ANY of that….(sigh).

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11 responses to Monogram Helldiver

  1. Nothing like keeping these old kits with the working features on the front line. You did a good job with this one. I have the Hellcat that has been built twice & is in pieces again after taking another unscheduled flight. The way the landing gear works & the wings fold still fascinates me. Thanks for keeping them alive.

  2. “Melvin Massacre”? Was that a kit decal? Yeah fun can still be had with these, I tried a couple years ago to make the Avenger’s torpedo drop, but it didn’t last long.

  3. You’re going to love the wing-fold on the Avenger…..

  4. Good word, Craig, nicely finished, as your models always are.

  5. The reason the wing is about 2/3 the size it should be is that back then (as the kit designer, Bill Koster, once explained it to me) you could only have a certain percentage of a metal mold be reamed out for the part, and making the wings right would break the budget the bean counters had given them. So you have wings that are as big as the bean counters would pay for.

    If you want to do a 1/48 Helldiver that’s worth the time and effort, get the ProModeler kit, which is done with the new technology that allows it to be done right.

  6. Craig,
    Good job on a very old kit. We loved them then and we love them now.

  7. Man that looks GREAT! Been traveling doing some corporate training (amazing how much like Navy training it is!) so I have not checked in to see stuff for a few days, I LOVE this kit and built it a few times as a kid, thanks for the great job we did and the trip down memory lane!

  8. My second love…

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