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Monogram OA-4M Skyhawk

September 14, 2013 in Aviation

A few weeks back, I bought a lot of nine (9) “old” Monogram kits for a mere $60 (couldn’t pass it up). Among them was this two-place ‘Scooter’. I had been awaiting a canopy mask set, as I am too lazy [read: inept] to mask them myself. As luck would have it, one of my cats apparently found something that caught her eye out in the “man cave” and the windscreen that was just sitting there on the model, magically disappeared. The main canopy hadn’t moved and other than sitting on its’ tail, the model was otherwise unscathed. So today I got the missing part from a fellow modeler gracious enough to send me a replacement. Tomorrow I have no doubt that the windscreen will magically RE-appear somewhere. Ain’t that how it goes?

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3 responses to Monogram OA-4M Skyhawk

  1. Nice to see you back at it, Craig. It’s been a while. What were the other 8 models in that bargain, and how soon will we be seeing them?

  2. Thanks, Joe…the others were an Me-262 (which I’m about to post) an Avenger, Helldiver (next), Stuka, Sabre, Skyraider (previously posted) and a Devastator.

  3. Well, nice looking Skyhawk, Craig, cheap and cheerful?

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