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Pretty green and mean

September 17, 2013 in Automotive

After a twenty year absence from Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Kawasaki returned in 2002, after four years’ development they started to have some consistent results in 2006 with this machine, the ZX-RR, with riders S. Nakano from Japan and French rider Randy De Puniet. Another of Tamiya’s 1/12 series

, I finished the model of Nakano’s machine a couple of weeks ago, but this is the first time my photographic studio (aka the kitchen worktop) has been free for use at the appropriate time of day! I especially like the way Kawasaki kept their lime green colour scheme on their return to racing, albeit in updated form. Hope you like it. Thanks George.

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12 responses to Pretty green and mean

  1. George, I LOVE IT ! I only wish I could do it….. Beautiful !

  2. Beautiful build and photography…nice work!

  3. Really striking! The mix of colors & decals grab you.

  4. Incredible! Life-like and gorgeous.

  5. Yet again George , a classy build, it`s nice to see a ” green meanie ” posted. Cannot wait for the NR 500 to be posted.

  6. Exceptional work! Wish I had that kind of talent!!

  7. Mate you can convince people that this is actually a real bike. Stunning attention to detail. I’ve almost finished my R1, I’ll put it on here soon. I’m not at your level yet though!

    • Thanks, Richard, I think I’m just lucky I’ve accidentally found the right place in our flat to take the photos. Looking forwarding to seeing the R1, which kit is it?

      • I think your being modest there! Can I blame the wrong place when I take my photos?! It’s the Tamiya Taira racing kit. I thought it was a bit plain to be honest so I haven’t really followed the original colour scheme, and I’ve jazzed it up a little with an aftermarket decal sheet. It should be ready to post tomorrow night hopefully.

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