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1/48 Hobbycraft Military Tutor

October 19, 2013 in Aviation

A Canadian trainer. This is a simple, basic kit, with decals for 4 different versions, none of which is a “Snowbird”, Canada’s aerial demonstration team. Hobbycraft does make the “Snowbird”, just don’t look for it here. There are 2 Canadian versions and 2 Malaysian. Don’t look for a lot of detail either. There is plenty of room for upgrades, should you choose. I had no problem matching the paint for the version I selected, according to my reference photos. It came out pretty much like the museum piece I tried to copy.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to 1/48 Hobbycraft Military Tutor

  1. Like it Joe, as per norm, a well finished kit,

  2. Joe, you say this is a basic kit, but to me it looks sharp as a blade. An unusual subject, executed with panache!

  3. The side by side steering yoke and seating arangement is reminiscent of “Joe’s Driving Academy” rather than the older “front and back seat” jet trainers. An unusual aircraft and model, nice job!

  4. Having had the joy of flying in Snowbird #10, I can tell you that is one tight cockpit. There used to be a very nice resin cockpit made for this kit. (may still be available)

    Nice work indeed!

  5. Joe,
    What nice job you’ve done on the little airplane. I really like it. Great work.

  6. Yep, cool lil’ bird Joe! Ya did a great job on it.

  7. Very neat job, Joe, and the photographs are very neat, too.

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