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1/72 Lindberg Heinkel He-219

October 17, 2013 in Aviation

What do you do with a Lindberg kit ? What do you do with one that’s missing parts? Can’t give it away, or sell it, so just have some fun with it ! Take a color you have little use for, some decals, you don’t need and build a hypothetical racer. That’s ALL this project was about. “What would Richard Petty fly?”

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8 responses to 1/72 Lindberg Heinkel He-219

  1. Nice one, different though. The what if syndrome strikes again. Gives a new edge on the name Bluebird!!! well blue Owl !!

  2. I’m a Petty fan, but it’s the first airplane I’ve seen painted as such….but ain’t it kinda tough to tell if your engines on fire or not? 🙁

  3. Those flames are older than you, Craig. They go back to a car model in the 60’s. I just wanted to see if the Microscale Liquid Decal Film would hold those old things together. You can see the result.

  4. Is Craig really that young?

  5. Good point, Paul. LOL Perhaps I should retract that statement. Craig is certainly no teenager…….

  6. I don’t think the decals are the only thing from the 60’s, man, it’s mind-expanding!

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