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Airfix Hawk T.1A

October 25, 2013 in Aviation

Airfix 1/72nd nearly finished. Special markings, one of the most involved masking jobs I’ve ever done. Most of the white is decal, everything else is masked and sprayed. Another publicity model for Airfix.

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6 responses to Airfix Hawk T.1A

  1. Very patient with the masking. It looks very nice and the lines are straight! I can only imagine the wavy lines I would end up with. Stand out look for a small plane.

  2. It takes me longer to mask and prep a model than it does to apply the paint. Very striking paint job, edges are crisp, lines straight. I gather you spent a lot of time planning each coat of paint application, excellent.

  3. Drewe,
    Now this is nice. Your paint and masking is excellent.

  4. This is a most impressive paint scheme, and perfectly executed! Thanks for sharing

  5. Spectacular!!! A standout model & top marks to you for skill & perseverance with the masking.

  6. Lovely pictures, Drewe, great model. Airfix must be very happy!

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