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Monogram 1/48 scale CF-101B Voodoo in 425 Squadron retirement colours

October 12, 2013 in Aviation

Classic Monogram kit with new decals by All I did to the kit was remove every single panel line and try to get the surface as smooth as I could. The decals were applied over a custom blend of Tamiya red and orange and blues. The decals are very thin, but super sticky, and I tore a couple, unfortunately. The feathers were cut into more manageable one inch pieces, and worked very well. I had to trim the bird head decal to make it fit more precisely, and I removed all of the red out of them as well, since I couldn’t get the printed colour and my mixed colours to match. All of the stencils as well as the white bird are double decaled to prevent bleed through. It took as long to apply the markings as it did to build and paint the plane. Looks good, though, don’t it.

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7 responses to Monogram 1/48 scale CF-101B Voodoo in 425 Squadron retirement colours

  1. Not too shabby, George! (This is the term that Keith Richards used to describe Ronnie Woods’ blues guitar playing at their recent Glastonbury gig.)

  2. It does look good. I always appreciate good decal work.
    Do you know the significance of the scheme selected?

  3. Great looking build, George. I wish I had your ambition. It looks like a lot of work !

  4. This is really great, well done!

  5. George,
    To take on a descaling project like this is a giant step. You pulled it off and this looks very nice.

  6. Doing a decal project like this is Really Hard. You’ve created a really nice looking model here. I love these sorts of schemes.

  7. that’s pretty incredible

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