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More Bill Bosworth – Republic Rainbow airliner

October 10, 2013 in Aviation

1/48 scratchbuilt Republic Rainbow. Probably one of the most beautiful multi-engine propeller airplanes ever flown. Had the Air Force picked it up, there was a plan at the end of the war for American Airlines to use it as a high-speed transport with 34 passengers. With a speed over 400 mph, it would have set the standard for post-war civil aviation.

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5 responses to More Bill Bosworth – Republic Rainbow airliner

  1. crimony that’s superb

  2. a beautiful model of a beautiful airplane both equally as rare as the other.

  3. What a stunning aircraft! I have never heard about it but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is absolutely beautiful! And of course: awesome modelling!



  4. Definite Heinkel influence there. Great stuff.

  5. Tom,
    Just looking at this model again. Man did he do a wonder on this. What a sensational looking airplane. I know he has heard it before but tell him again that this is gorgeous.

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