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Tamiya 1/48 N1K1-J Shiden “George”

October 4, 2013 in Aviation

This was an enjoyable build start to finish. I built the “George” with only photo-etch harness straps for cockpit detail. My Paints were Model Master enamels and I weathered using pastels and a Prisma color silver pencil.

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18 responses to Tamiya 1/48 N1K1-J Shiden “George”

  1. Very nice model. I don’t know if Tamiya’s instructions cover this or not, but all Kawanishi land-based N1K fighters were unpainted aluminum on the lower surfaces other than the fabric control surfaces. Not a dump on the model, just information for next time.

  2. Good looking build, Thomas, especially the weathering. Just right ! I certainly wish I had that touch….

    • Thanks Joe, I really tried to not over do the weathering. I appreciate the kind words…happy modeling !

      • Actually, if you look at pictures of N1K1s on Guam or in the Philippines in 1944, it’s virtually impossible to do “too much” weathering. With this airplane, “too much is not enough” is the rule.

        • Tom I didn,t have any pictures of N1K1,s in guam but I,m sure by late in the war they looked pretty ”ratty” . I tried to portray my model as in service early as I,m sure weathering is a progress. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of WW2 Japanese a/c I take all your comments into consideration.

  3. Tom,
    I like everything you did with this. I agree, the weathering is just right. I know some of the Japanese a/c looked terrible due to weather and poor paint but I think the way you did it is perfect.

  4. I agree with Frank, I think the weathering is just right, too. In fact, the whole model looks just right.

    • Thanks George its far from “just right” but I had fun and that,s what this hobby is all about right ? This is only the 5th completed model in 10 years so I have much more learning to do. I appreciate all of the comments. Happy modeling

  5. Your weathering makes the model come to life, nice build!

  6. Impressive work on the last Japanese super-fighter project of the war. Loved the weathering work!

  7. Thomas, I really like what you did with this model, nicely weathered and skillfully built. I love the “George”, truly a big stocky brute that looks like it means business. It’s a nice change from the usual gracile fighters produce in Japan. Japanese Army AC and Amour weathering is a lot wine; light, med or full body- it’s about personal taste.

    • Thanks Erich, I see modeling as a snap shot in time I,m sure Japan did not deliver A/C to the front line bases with the paint falling off. I agree that all of modeling is personal preference and if its not fun whats the point ? Thanks again for the kind words Tom

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