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Third time’s the charm . . . yet another A3D Skywarrior

October 6, 2013 in Aviation

Here again is another Hasegawa Skywarrior, this time in the early attack scheme. This is in the out of box markings for USS Independence in the early 60’s. I am still working on a scratch built bomb bay with the two nuclear shapes she was designed to carry.

Note, the attachment points in front of the tail for multiple RATO pods (Rocket Assisted Take Off) — or is it JATO? I can only imagine the noise and smoke as all these puppies ignite to get an over-loaded nuke hauler off the deck!!

Note also, that despite the presence of the tail “stinger” turret, the twin 20 mm guns have been deleted as it became clear that the chances of hitting anything was slim to none!

I am partial to this time in Naval aviation, as it exhibited some of the most colorful schemes ever flown from a carrier.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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5 responses to Third time’s the charm . . . yet another A3D Skywarrior

  1. Michael,
    Another great “whale” model. Great job. I agree that the aircraft of this era was great. Every aircraft that was on BHR at the time I was aboard has been obsolete for many many years. Saw a lot of beautiful airplanes. I also had a front row seat to view them.

  2. Let me say thanks for your service to our country. Your experiences enrich us all in both the telling and the hearing.

  3. Great-looking whale, Michael!

  4. Best one so far ! Good looking scheme, well executed…

  5. gorgeous scheme and model

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