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Trumpeter 1/48th F9F Panther

October 27, 2013 in Aviation

I guess you could call this a “work in progress”, because I’m waitin’ on a canopy mask set to arrive in order to complete the build – other than that, it’s pretty much done I think. I wanted to do something other than the standard GSB, so all the markings are from the spares box and represent no actual aircraft (as far as I know). There weren’t any fit issues and everything seemed to go together “as advertised”. It now takes its’ rightful place on the [dusty] shelf and waits for the mailman….and it could be a lengthy wait – Roll Models was the only place I could find the mask set for the Panther and their delivery time is like 2-3 weeks. I’ll wait – that’s how much I despise masking canopies by hand. A small amount of No. 8 birdshot in a ‘finger rubber’ was placed in the nose to keep it on 3 wheels.

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9 responses to Trumpeter 1/48th F9F Panther

  1. Nice looking, Craig. Fits right in on that USN shelf. Keep up the good work !

  2. Different, but cool, Craig. Makes for a nice what-if!

    Where did get or did you make that stand for the Spad?

    • Yeah…most of the stuff I build could be considered “what-if’s”. In regard to the stand, when I purchased ’em, I got ’em from an outfit called Micro-Mark. They offered four different sizes (of which I got all 4). The one in the pic is the third tallest/biggest (there’s one that’s even higher) – the other two are progressively smaller/shorter. They are fully adjustable on all three axis and are quite handy for workin’ on the model in various modes. Set ’em on a cigar box or sumthin’ and then they’re ‘eye-level’. Haven’t done a search lately for ’em, so dunno where to tell ya to look. Maybe Google “model airplane display stands” and see what it comes up with. Good luck and thanks.

  3. Looks like a very neat job, Craig, all the underwing stuff looks really good.

  4. Very nice Craig. I like it!

  5. Craig,
    Looks good. Nice touch on the color.

  6. Craig I love it ! The panther is one of my faves as are all “early” jets.I like your courage to be different its refreshing considering all the color police and rivet counters out there. You look like your having fun and thats what its all about. Thomas

  7. I got the old Monogram box and you just gave me an idea for a “What If!”. It really is one of the most elegant looking jobs if seen in a while. Really nice work!

  8. I don’t know how I missed this one. Great job, not only on the paint scheme but extra points for the folded wings! I always wanted to do the same thing but didn’t have “the nerve”, you’ve inspired me.

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