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1/32nd Trumpeter F4U-1D Conversion To F4U-1A

November 6, 2013 in Aviation

This model was originally finished as a F4U-1A in the markings of VMF-222. The original build had a True Details cockpit installed as the kit cockpit had numerous errors. I also changed the frameless kit F4U-1D canopy and substituted the correct framed canopy from the old Revell kit. Otherwise that build was pretty much out of the box. After looking at it for several years, I decided to correct some of the Trumpeter kit errors by changing out the front landing gear doors from the old Revell kit and a replacement engine cowling. I changed the markings to a F4U-1A from VF-17, the #33 Corsair flown by Butch Davenport. I’m more satisfied with it now with those corrections.

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10 responses to 1/32nd Trumpeter F4U-1D Conversion To F4U-1A

  1. Nice! You did a great job with the re-work and the tri-colour scheme looks really sharp.

  2. Great job there Jim, a very sharp looking Corsair.

  3. Looks like it’s “Corsair Week”…an outstanding addition to the mix, Jim (and welcome aboard).

  4. Nice clean build, love the engine paint and detail, very good tri color scheme and application.

  5. Thanks folks, I enjoyed that rebuild and am glad that you liked it too. Presently, I’m working on a 1/72nd Hasegawa P2V-7 Neptune that I backdating to a P2V-5 using the vacuform Falcon conversion set. I’ll post some pics of that one when I get her finished.

    • Hi Jim-
      Can you confirm that the forward antenna mast is correct on Corsair 33 of VF17 ? I am building a 1/5 rc model in that scheme and some of my buddies have questioned the forward mast. Thanks for your time.

  6. Corsairs are certainly popular this week, and looking at this I can certainly see why. Nice clean build and conversion, Jim.

  7. Jim,
    Very nicely done. Looks great. Of course I’ve never seen a Corsair I didn’t like. I going to go back now and check lout your “In Action” book.

  8. Jim, nicely done-Im really enjoying all of the recent quality “whistling Death” posts!

  9. that really looks amazing

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