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Academy 1/48th Corsair

I’m almost ashamed to even post this after seeing Rob’s beautiful Corsair, but coincidentally enough, I was working on this when he posted his earlier. I have another Academy Corsair ready to start (albeit a different version) and will be adding yet another Corsair to the shelf probably by next weekend.
I much prefer Tamiya’s kits, but I got a lot of 7 models last month pretty cheap. The Wildcat I posted a few days ago was the only Tamiya in the bunch.
This kit was literally an “out-of-the-box” build – nothing was used that Academy didn’t already provide. It took me about a week, working off and on, here and there. Pretty straightforward stuff. I did use an ill-fitting canopy mask set, however (it was for a different kit and was close, but not perfect).

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Academy 1/48th Corsair

  1. Craig, you can certainly turn out models to a consistent, high standard, and this one is no exception. If a group of Mustangs is a ‘herd’, I wonder what you call a group of Corsairs, how about a ‘fleet’?

  2. It looks very nice, Craig. How would you rate the Academy kits? I have a group of 1/72 kits in the box and the parts look nice, but haven’t tried fitting them together yet. The model looks great and you have a high production rate at a week per kit.

    • On a scale of one to ten (10 being the best), I’d put Academy at a solid 5…!
      Tamiya, Hasegawa, Accurate Miniatures and Monogram all produce better-fitting kits from my limited experience. However, I cannot attest to anything 1/72nd – it’s not my scale of choice. Others will no doubt have differing opinions regarding my rating system. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. I’m beginning to think your buying pre-finished kits to keep your pace up.
    Looks good. Keep ’em comin.

  4. Another sweet Corsair and another nice build, Craig. By the way, was your plane air brushed or a rattle can, I’m always interested in different types of paint applications. Either way, good looking finish.

    • I rarely use my airbrush anymore. All that changing paints, cleaning, assembling, disassembling, etc., etc. – I’m basically pretty lazy. Virtually all of my spray paints are rattle cans (Model Master). As you can see, I’m particularly fond of Intermediate Blue. I use Tamiya white (or light gray) primer for most undersides. Both dry within minutes. I also have good luck with the MM “buffable metalizers” – there’s 5 different shades available and you can get up to ten, depending on whether you choose to buff them or not. And the flat black is actually dark gray automotive primer (big can….the same cost as the ‘regular’ spray cans, but three times as much paint). Thanks for the compliment.

  5. And, yes….I forgot to apply the white ‘arrow’ marking on the top of the right wing – it’s now there. And the antenna wire. And the nav lights. I need to slow down.

  6. It should be shiney as well !!

  7. Another outstanding finish Craig.

  8. Brilliant Craig! Thats what I call a “Keeper”.

  9. Nice work Craig – I like the white prop tips, it’s an unusual look!

  10. Good job there Craig, how about an Armada of Corsairs !!!

  11. Craig,
    Nice build. You seem to have mastered the rattle can.

  12. very well done craig your to hard on yourself she looks great how about a gaggle of corsairs

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