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Airfix on the offensive: 1/24 Hawker Typhoon, and…

November 9, 2013 in Show Reports

News came today from Telford that Airfix has been showing a new 1/24 scale Hawker Typhoon kit, to be released shortly. It seems to be an advanced offering, featuring parts breakdown for early and late version of the Typhoon, complete engine and plumbing, detailed gun bays, detailed wing spars and fuselage trusswork, full rivet surface detail and allegedly even moulded-in stressed skin effect.

An even more surprising recent news from the same source is that Airfix team up with Ye Olde Oak food company to put their promotional labels on canned hot dog sausages. An Airfix hot dog, anyone?

(Both photos by Airfix)

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17 responses to Airfix on the offensive: 1/24 Hawker Typhoon, and…

  1. Fantastic !!, a 1/24 Typhoon I want one NOW….. will be at Telford tomorrow can’t wait.
    I did some food shopping this morning and bought some jumbo hot dogs and won an Airfix kit ,hey it’s my lucky day !

  2. Can anyone take more pictures of this big beautiful beastie. This years Telford show has been slow in the posting of photo’s on the internet. People must be stunned by the latest releases and they forget to use their camera. Sort of like finding UFO’s and Big Foot,,,

    The photo looks very promising.

  3. OOOOOOOOooooooo………. Hot Dogs mmmmmmmmmmm.
    Does that men that if I buy a TAmiya kit I will get free sushi?

    • Hey Simes, I quite like a hot dog but you know what there made from don’t you, Eye holes ,Ear holes and A**s holes !

      • Well it`s not dog, the same as it`s not ham in a hamburger!!!
        Buy the way , what kit did you win?

        • Don’t know ’till it turns up, but it’ll probably be some ancient old rubbish that they couldn’t get rid of any other way so they palm it off free with a tin of franks.

  4. Ok, so if I pop the top off that can of hot dogs, is the Typhoon going to be inside? ;-)

  5. I’m going to buy one of these as soon as it comes out, in fact I dare say I’ll be on the pre-order bandwagon.

  6. I have the 1/24 Mosquito and it is “BIG”. I would think this will be a monster also. I would prefer to see it in 1/32 but I am a s****r for the Typhoon so who knows. If I built it I would have to hanger it in my back house.

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