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B-17G at Chino

November 3, 2013 in Aviation

The B-17G finally flew in to Chino yesterday. Here are some shots, including one of me holding it in front of another famus Boeing product, that will give you a good idea of just how big it is.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to B-17G at Chino

  1. For a second there …I thought it was the real a/c. Great Pics. Where did you get the male model ? Must of been expensive.

    Great Model TC.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Stephen, at first. I saw your earlier photos and thought “Hey, that plane has the same markings as your model.” The photos are great at getting those perspective shots that add to the model’s realistic look and finish.

  3. A nice job on the photography……who’s the gray-haired skinny guy?

  4. Wow Tom! I thought it was areal one. Nice job on that monster. I see big models like yours and I’m getting the urge to try one.

  5. First the P-51B, then the Huey, now a B-17 ! But wait ! The B-17 is…..a model ! You sure had me fooled for a couple minutes. Great work, Tom.

  6. Tom,
    Very nicely done. Great shots. One suggestion though……. How about smiling?

  7. Tom the b-17 looked great in person very nice job btw the ride in the stearman was unbelievable on the way back steve hinton buzzed us in the mig-15 simply awesome

  8. beautiful…great markings………What a mouse…What….. A….. mouse

  9. Very cool Tom! Nice pics as well; the airport makes a great backdrop, doesn’t it? 😉

  10. Nice work and I want to wish you all the very best. Keep it up.

  11. Nice Job, Just learned today my Grandfather Howell Loper was the crew chief on Super Mouse

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