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Bf109 E1

November 28, 2013 in Aviation

This is the Eduard 1/32 kit of the E1, the first in their E-series. I had it for ages before I finally got round to the build.

I’ve modelled it as Ulrich Steinhilper’s machine at Calais in 1940 (see record photograph). The markings were unusual in that the aircraft retained partly the two-tone splinter camo topside, from the campaigns in Poland and France, but with a light blue-with-mottling on the fuselage sides, reflecting the changing nature of the war with England and actions over the North Sea.

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11 responses to Bf109 E1

  1. Rob,
    Outstanding build. Your paint work and addition of little extra details really adds to the overall look. I also like the way you have displayed it.

  2. While I am not a big fan of the Emil this does make me take notice and closely too.

    • Over the years I seemed to have side-stepped the 109s, partly because they are held so reverentially by many modellers. In the end I decided simply to apply standard modelling skills and my own detailing preferences, and the result hasn’t been disappointing. I have no interest in developing ‘experten’ understanding as I don’t find it a requirement to good modelling.

      I’ve also completed a G6 in 1/32 (Hasagawa, with Master Details detail-up set), with the same philosophy, and found the build both relaxing and rewarding.

  3. Nice job on that, Rob….I like it a lot.

  4. Very nice, Rob. Interesting camo pattern that you described. Is the engine and cockpit part of the kit or aftermarket?

  5. Nice clean build. The engine being displayed with the cowl off is a different touch,very interesting.

  6. Rob, really cool looking Emil love the detail work and as far as the 109 goes…Augsburg Eagles Uber Alles! yeah I like “em.

  7. Beautifully built and displayed, Rob.

  8. Looks smart that Rob. Stunning attention to detail! The seat belts look cool, they show up my home made attempts!

  9. fine job on a fine looking kit

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