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Delta Air Lines DC-8-71

November 3, 2013 in Aviation

This is a 1/144 Minicraft kit, finished straight from the box. It is the 295th DC-8 built. It was delivered to Delta as a -61 model on 19 July 1967. In 1982, it was modified to -71 standards with the addition of modern CFM56 turbofan engines. The aircraft flew with Delta until 1989 when it was converted to a -71F freighter. It was withdrawn from service by UPS in 2009.

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20 responses to Delta Air Lines DC-8-71

  1. You did a great job with the two toughest colors — white and NMF.

    Nice to see a civilian aircraft too!

    • Thanks Mike! All done with Tamiya lacquers from spray bombs. The stuff is bulletproof and idiot proof. They’re my go to whites and silvers these days. Best of all, being a lacquer, it’ll never yellow. After the decals were dry, I finished the white areas with a light coat of Future.

  2. Yeah…..what Mike said – good lookin’ build.

  3. Very nice finish, John. Thanks for the history of the real aircraft. Over 40 years of service!

    • Thanks Alan! The DC-8 is a remarkable plane. Far superior to the 707. Most cargo companies finally only parked them when the recession/depression started in 08/09. Less demand, the oldest planes got parked. I always looked forward to traveling on Delta and United DC-8s.

  4. Certainly a very clean build, John, (as the others have said), the plane looks very delicate in your pictures with such a long fuselage.

    • Thanks George. The kit (like the real thing) is unbelievably solid. It features tight joins with solid, sturdy gluing areas that all fit together perfectly. This really is a precision molded kit. If you build one, take care not to get paint on the wing or stab join areas.

  5. Beautiful -8! One of the biggest thrills I had on my last deployment was seeing all the -8s at the air freight terminal we were flying out of, rows of them!

  6. John,
    Your finished model makes it look like building commercial airliners is easy. I know it is not. I am very impressed with what you have done here. Great work

  7. Hey John !,

    Great work again ! Really like the livery detail on the engine cowlings.

    Tom Berichon

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