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Endgame – Berlin 1945

November 16, 2013 in Armor

While I’ve been absent-mindedly progessing (well, we’ll call it that) with my Royal Caroline wooden ship, and from time to time checking out the lovely builds on iM (and, just to keep in the loop, posting a few builds I’ve completed in the past few months), it ocurred to me that I haven’t seen so many dioramas here, apart from a few striking aircraft vignettes.

I notice too that there isn’t a category for dios per se, so I’ve put “Endgame” into the Armor section.

The buildings are from Miniart, and not for the faint-hearted. I sliced away the cobbled street area form the kerbstone, to give the impression of a wider street area, the empty ‘V’ of space then infilled with the Dragon T-34, debris, and other rubble.

The tank riders are from VLS Warriors, and the German tank killers are from a Tamiya set. I used a Plus Models set of a tailor’s shop for other items to the rear elevation, and the whole scene is set on a timber disc. Other stuff I just made up.

At exhibitions, I set it on a battery-powered turntable, and it goes round at a slow pace for viewing.

Back to capstans and gunwales.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to Endgame – Berlin 1945

  1. Very comprehensive dio, Rob…..nice work.

  2. As in all good dioramas, all elements are to the same quality standard, and the the whole tells a story. Excellent work.

  3. You managed to get the look with the rubble. I especially like what looks like a sewing machine sticking up out ot it.

  4. Imagination, skill & a good eye for colour & detail. I spotted a dressmaker’s dummy too!

  5. That’s really good…one thing I will never have patience for is placing all that rubble….

  6. Rob,
    Very nicely done. Good set up, good scene.

  7. Like Tom said above, getting everything to the same standard is the secret to a good diorama, and you’ve certainly done that, great attention to detail and a vivid imagination help as well.

  8. Very nice, Rob. It really shows the patience you had to bring all the pieces together. And you used my son’s bedroom to model the building interiors. How did you know? Nice idea for displaying on the turntable so all angles are available to viewers.

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