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Mouse Rod

November 3, 2013 in Automotive

Some of you might be familiar with the term “Rat Rod”. These are bare bone hot rods in various forms of construction or destruction. Mine is a Mouse Rod because it is somewhere around 1/32nd scale as opposed to the 1/25th scale used most often by the auto modelers.
The kit is a Revell Highway Pioneers issue first molded by Gowland & Gowland in 1954.
It appears to be a cross between a Ford Model “A” & a ’32 Model “B” with a flathead engine.
Built this in 1 day for a club contest. Everything was free-hand brush painted with acrylics as my unsteady hand on the wheels/tires attest.

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9 responses to Mouse Rod

  1. For built in a day , it don`t look too bad Al,

  2. Looks like a fun build. I can’t imagine building and finishing in day! Well done.

  3. I built a model in a day before (and it looked it) – yours, however, doesn’t. How did you ever get such a nice, even finish on that body with a brush?

    Love those flatheads…ya couldn’t kill ’em. A guy in my old (really old) hot rod club put a brick on the gas pedal and left for the night. In the morning, the engine had run out of gas. But that’s all.

    • Craig that is Pollyscale grimey black. Testors now owns it & they pulled the line from the market. It is my paint color of choice for armor rubber road wheels. I do have a bottle of grimey & engine black marketed under Testors label coming. Here’s hoping it’s the same formula.

  4. Looks good, Al, but here in Florida, anything called “Mouse” better have a picture of Mickey on it, and royalties paid. I like your work. Those old “Highway Pioneers” were not that simple to build. You did very well !

  5. It looks cool, Al, good job, especially for a day’s work.

  6. I love the “Candy apple primer” finish. Really nice job, recalls a time when a teenager could go to a junk yard and pick up a jalopy for 20 bucks. With a little work and a few bucks, presto, a hot rod! Of course he’d have to sell it when he got drafted….

  7. Al,
    I like this. Put some writing on it an it takes you back to the Forties. AKA, “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer”

  8. i like it…takes me back to childhood…the 50’s

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