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November 13, 2013 in Aviation

I built this Dynavector kit only adding pe seat belts.Dynavector,s kits are very good .Going to start another one soon.I like this model of a very different aircraft .

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8 responses to Skyshark

  1. I’m a s****r for oddball airplanes and you did a fine job on this one!

  2. Nice job, a very rare aircraft in both models and prototypical machines. I’d enjoy seeing more pictures of your build and the scale of the plane.

  3. Good job, Ronald ! We want more ! We want more !

  4. Ronald,
    This is a very good looking model. Your skills are apparent considering that this is a vac-form kit. Not the easiest to build.

  5. Nice work on this, particularly opening up the cockpit. I kept mine closed to hide the fact I didn’t have that much info on the cockpit interior.

    Dynavector kits, for you vacuformphobes, are not that much more difficult than an injection kit once you take the parts off the sheet.

  6. Great-lookin’ build – and I second the motion: “…more pictures…” (btw, welcome to iModeler).

  7. It certainly looks good, Ronald, but, again, we’d definitely like to see more pictures.

  8. Love the Skyshark. The dark blue looks terrific. Some more pics would be nice.

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