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Tamiya 1/48th F4F Wildcat

November 3, 2013 in Aviation

Another run-of-the-mill Tamiya “shake and bake” kit done this past week. Nuthin’ special…just a quick build that, now that I look at it, isn’t quite done apparently.
So…after these pics were taken: The prop tips are now yellow, it has an antenna wire, nav lights were added and various other sundry items taken care of. Anyhow….it killed a few hours.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to Tamiya 1/48th F4F Wildcat

  1. Looks darn good for a quickie…..

  2. Another clean build. Looking at your shelf, it looks like you build multiple versions of the same thing, something I’ve never been able to do. I’m lucky when I can keep interested enough to finish what I’m working on.

    • I have a few duplicates, but they were done months (if not years) apart. This particular kit was among a lot that I recently acquired and it was one of the easiest/quickest ones to complete of the bunch. I have two Academy Corsairs in the pile as well – and am working on one now – but there are like a half-dozen on the shelf already, but no two alike.

  3. Very nice little plane. You’ve done a good job on it!

  4. Very nice, Craig. Your idea of a quickie is different than mine. I measure my builds by months and years! A quick build for me is if I don’t have a birthday during my build time.

  5. Version 1.0 of your build looks sharp! Looking forward to a few shoots of version 1.1!

  6. A man after my own heart! Can never have too many ‘cats! Nice work.

  7. Up to your usual great standards, Craig. It’s sometimes very satisfying to finish a model fairly quickly. Don’t do yourself down!

  8. Wicked efficient looking aircraft. At 1:48 scale I guess you must have a good size display area judging from the other “cat”. Nice build.

  9. Craig,
    Very nice. Keep the Wildcats coming. I had three on my shelf until I gave one away to a friend. Love USN and USMC aircraft.

  10. Nice clean build Craig, love those navy birds.

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