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Waco (Glider series)

November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi to all of you

Another series have just done by my father.

We have to thanks to Luis Cid who made the special decals to complete our Waco CG-4A / Hadrian series which include the following models

Here are the final photos which also include the Wack CG-13 made some months ago.

Waco series

Waco CG-4A series

1) Waco CG-4A / Hadrian I NP664 – at RAF Sherburn-in-Elmet while being
used for trials work by the AFEE." alt="" title="" class="bbcode-image" />

2) Waco CG-4A / Hadrian II 274521

3) Waco CG-4A / Hadrian I FR579 “Voo-Doo” at RAF Prestwick, Scotladn on 1st
July 1943

4) Waco CG-4A / Hadrian II B/48 at the Heavy Glider Conversion units in

Here are two photos showing the difference between the Waco CG-4A and the Waco CG-13


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4 responses to Waco (Glider series)

  1. Hi Santiago, your fathers work is always a pleasure to see especially for me the gliders, I never new there were so many different types, did any other airforces use gliders and will you be adding them to your collection ?
    Thanks again N.

  2. Santiago,
    Great collection of fine looking models. Compliments to your Father.

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