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F-20 Tigershark 1/72 Hasegawa

December 29, 2013 in Aviation

This is another nice kit from Hasegawa, built out of the box.
Unfortunatley I used Johnson floorpolish as clear coat on this model, and put too thick layers of it, so the polish has cracked in some places (you can see it under the cockpit for example). Also there has been some yellowing on some of the decals.

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3 responses to F-20 Tigershark 1/72 Hasegawa

  1. Very nice….I would’ve believed you if you said it was 1/48th scale!

  2. Johan,
    Very nice job on this. I really liked this airplane I thought it was a shame the US armed forces never purchased it,

  3. Hi Johan,
    Love your Tigershark. It looks very aggressive with the one big engine. Pity it didn’t see service.

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