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Mitshubishi A6M2 type21 ZERO ,Shokaku, 7.12.1941,Pearl Harbor,Hawaii.- 1/144:SWEET

December 7, 2013 in Aviation

The model is further Detailed performance in the cabin and outside, mechanics staff, I made myself

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10 responses to Mitshubishi A6M2 type21 ZERO ,Shokaku, 7.12.1941,Pearl Harbor,Hawaii.- 1/144:SWEET

  1. nice scene…great figures

  2. Interesting build, I enjoy a well executed miniature diorama. Great job!

  3. Nice demo of a wide range of modelling skills, and the A6 is always a great subject.

  4. “Sweet” is definitely a good description….I love it.

  5. I like tiny-scale a lot even if I seldom get around to build one! Really Sweet!



  6. Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Very very very very AWESOME job on such a small scale!!!!

  7. What a great looking scene. Even more impressive when you consider the scale. Plane, figures, diorama base – nice skills shown in them all.

  8. Makete,
    This is superb. Excellent workmanship. Even more impressive when one considers the overall size of this aircraft and diorama.

  9. Excellent. I don’t know how you guys do that tiny scale stuff!

  10. Brilliant, Makete, this diorama really works well in this scale.

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