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The French Air force Mirage 2000 C 1/48 from Heller

December 17, 2013 in Aviation

Hello everyone,

I present to you a new series of models that I made in 2004-2005. To begin with, I propose a Mirage 2000 C 1/48 Heller. It is accompanied by a characteristic small tractor equipment met in the parking airbases.
I have chosen for you, some pictures showing various stages of assembly.

Thank you all and good evening.

Eric from France

18 additional images. Click to enlarge

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16 responses to The French Air force Mirage 2000 C 1/48 from Heller

  1. Very nice. Nice detail work.

  2. Well presented & finished. Good to see builders who think ahead & keep a build history of the projects.

    • Hi Al,
      I try to keep pictures of all the stages of my constructions, whatever the final result. It is always memories and evidence of what to do or not to do! The Mirage 2000 C, I did it twice in a span of 10 years. This one is the first.

      Thank you again, Eric.

  3. beautiful build and scene

  4. Another fantastic job done there Eric, your standard of builds is amazing.
    Great paint work and a nice display base shows off your talents.

    Well done sir.

  5. I like the tool box on the tractor! Oh yes, the plane is a nice clean build, great work.

  6. Eric,
    You sir, are a master modeler. You definitely have a touch to bring out the best in a model kit. This is stunning.

  7. I like the more modern jets Eric, cracking build! Nice wiring on the landing gear, good detail all over really.

  8. Good to see a kit built from a slightly different company, Heller. Good detail work, and a nicely thought out display really set it off.

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