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Academy 1/48 P-26A Peashooter

January 16, 2014 in Aviation

Hello! Fresh model, still sticks to the fingers)))
It seems to be simple model, and gathered it since last September. Now I can breathe a sigh of relieved- a done deal ))
Everyone enjoy, hope, browsing, and interested – link to the building :

15 additional images. Click to enlarge

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24 responses to Academy 1/48 P-26A Peashooter

  1. That is grand Maxim, yet another great build.How do you do it?
    A very well done sir.

  2. This is outstanding. Bravo Maxim!

  3. I’ve got one of these in the stash and keep getting out for a looksee but something always puts me off but not any more ! this looks great thanks for showing.

  4. Superior.
    Contrary to Mr. Foster, I’m pleased not to have one in my stash-I’d rather avoid the eventual comparison;)

  5. Fabulous looking rendition, sir…..simply stunning build (and I echo the sentiments of Mr. Bernart above). 🙁

  6. That has GOT to be the best Pea-Shooter I have ever seen. Perfect all round. Congrats. Beautifully Photographed, too.

  7. Gorgeous ! I don’t see how anyone could do better ! You did the folks at Academy proud. This is what everyone hopes theirs will look like when they see the box art.

  8. Maxim,
    I am at a loss for words to truly express my feelings for what you have done here. Outstanding will have to do. I too will leave mine in the stash.

  9. It’s very nice, but you should give it a coat of clear satin varnish. These airplanes were all painted a high gloss, and were perfectly maintained, not a drop of weathering anywhere. Give it the satin varnish (which will be “scale” gloss) and it will be perfect.

    • Yes, I know that T-26th were always neat, gleaming with fresh finish. I personally just a fad now))) – to cover all matt varnish. Or, as here, semigloss.
      I understand that this is not always right, but I can not help myself)))

      • Your stuff is great Maxim, I would not have said what I did if it wasn’t. That one coat of Satin will make it “magnifique!” as our good friend Rapid27 would say.

        • Unfortunately, the model has already given to the customer. And so would certainly he breathed on them semi-matt varnish. Now they should look at the pictures myself – yes, had too much with a matte varnish.

  10. Colleagues, thank you for your comments, it was very nice! Glad you like my model. And I’m sure someone will make a mandatory P-26 is even better.

  11. That looks beautiful Maxim. I love the look of the early “yellow wing” planes. The finish of the cockpit, the engine, the rigging, the paint job – it is a real showpiece! Thanks for posting the photos.

  12. Superb! Another perfect build. Well done Maxim.

  13. Great work! Love the rigging wires.

  14. Is it me or does any one else think this looks like a 1930’s flying sportscar or a aerial race plane? Maxiam had a great “platform” to start with, the “styling” of this aircraft is simply a classic design. But, in my opinion, he has taken this attractive fighter to a new level, model wise. The build is clean and straightforward, the weathering draws the viewers eye to the wonderful detail that this model offers. This I feel is an exception effort, a beautiful model.

    • You should see the real one (that flies) at Planes of Fame. It is kind of an “aerial sports car.” Had a very cool thing at “First Saturday” in December, when our featured speaker – one of the few fighter pilots to get off the ground at Pearl Harbor – told me how cool it was to walk into the hangar and see the first fighter he ever flew (the P-26) and then walk to the hangar doors and look out at the field and see the last fighter he ever flew – the F-104. Consider the technological distance he traveled in 20 years!

  15. Thank you, I am very grateful to you all for such a high evaluation of my work!

  16. Next job will not be soon – I finally got to my Nieuport in 32nd scale))), they shall build a Russian Nieuport-11 from Special Hobby.

  17. beautiful work sir…i love it

  18. Excellence in modeling, there’s no doubt about it. What an inspiration Maxim! Thanks, Gary

  19. Hi Maxim,
    Please accept my congratulations on your Peashooter. You are up there in the master modeller class in my opinion. Just beautiful work.

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